Shield IT Managed Services

Shield IT Services

Shield IT Services is a comprehensive offering that allows dealers to provide managed I.T. services without having to build, buy or create the back end for such services. It saves hundreds of thousands of dollars and is the differentiation that most are looking for. Combined with our Gatekeeper Assessments the Shield I.T. services empowers the dealer to take a client through a full diagnostic assessment to a complete I.T. managed service solution.

Virtual C.I.O.

In today's competitive environment not everyone has a C.I.O. to help execute the alignment of business and technology. Once you're a Shield I.T. managed service authorized dealer you will have a C.I.O. assigned to you for each end user engagement. Our C.I.O.'s are real C.I.O.'s they're business people who know how to implement I.T. correctly.

Contracts and Agreements

Once you've become and authorized Shield I.T. dealer you'll be provided all of the documentation to effectively execute a Shield I.T. managed service agreement with your end user customer. These documents can be branded with your logo and credentials and you can completely own the relationship.


Shield I.T. managed service agreements provide remote maintenance and monitoring as a part of the agreement. You won't have to staff up or purchase RMM software, all of the monitoring is built right into the Shield I.T. offering, so all you have to do is focus on finding another end user customer.


All Shield I.T. managed service programs include parts. We see this as an extreme competitive advantage and by supplying the parts in each agreement your client will have no surprise expenses for systems that are covered in your agreement!

Onsite Service

All Shield I.T. managed service programs include onsite service, with over 4,000 feet on the street in the continental US we match each client's service level requirements with the right agreement which can include specific response and up time language.