Guiding A Successful And Comprehensive Transformation Process

MPS&IT Sales Consulting offers a very successful and comprehensive transformation process for any organization wanting to move their sales results and growth practices to the next level. Our assessment process helps to identify the missing elements for delivering a consistent, accurate sales forcast. We help identify your key growth objectives that guide the sales execution process.

1. Key Business Objectives

Identifying what business owners want from their business, (long term) is very important toward defining the future strategies they should implement. By defining key business objectives we are able to assure that their day to day execution delivers toward those objectives.

2. Market Strategy

Trying to define what you should or shouldn’t sell is difficult and must be thought through carefully. Assuming that your research and key business objectives are set, your go-to-market strategy is the process of successfully taking your offerings to your market to achieve certain objectives usually surrounding revenue, profit or market-share.

3. Marketing

Your marketing execution plan breathes life into your business and creates a clear concise path for every step your company takes. The best marketing teams will track real-time results from your plan and will require accurate feedback and intel. Success doesn’t happen by accident, it takes solid expertise and process to drive forward.

4. Team

As managed service deliverables continue to infiltrate our industry, creating the right sales team model is imperative to your overall success. The sales team of the future must understand business completely and share top values with the C-Level.

5. Training

Often we find that sales training starts at the principal and sales leader level. Change must be a top-down initiative and the sales organization must be able to deliver a high value business presentation to a C-Level target.

6. Execution

So now what? We have our objectives, our strategy and marketing is set, we’ve validated the sales team, prepared campaigns and defined the required activity! Let’s get started! Driving a 3 phase new business Blitz we initiate an internal sales prospecting process, a C-Level appointment setting program and phase 1 marketing campaigns.

7. Measure

Everyone has a formula for success and most sales teams driving excellence have an understanding of their activity to sales results ratios. If an effective processes and play then it’s easier to measure those ratios. We want to measure everything and analyze the results to assure that we’re successful and headed in the right direction.

8. Manage/Adjust

It’s always been a best practice when analyzing your efforts to review and adjust for better results. Lets face it, we all miss the mark occasionally and if we don’t adjust for better performance and results then you might as well do nothing at all!


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