FunnelMaker is a Marketing Engine Built for Sales

What Is FunnelMaker?

Funnelmaker is the marketing engine built for sales. Built to execute at the speed of business, funnelmaker contains all of the necessary components to drive and track superior communication to your marketplace. Funnelmaker is completely collaborative and absolutely affordable. Learn how easy it is to find your next new customer!

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What Our Customers Say

You must have been reading our minds! FunnelMaker is so powerful, just within a few days, we had completely on-boarded our company, designed and dispatched our first company communication to our entire customer base. I can't believe how competitive we've become in just a week. FunnelMaker does everything we need and more to aggressively market our business!

Rob, Principal-Office Technology

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Email Marketing Campaigns

  • On-demand and automated email communication
  • Drip campaigns deepen client relationships
  • Instant signup form alerts and autoresponders
  • Automated shopping cart abandonment emails
  • Project & training communication through email campaigns
  • Hundreds of templates, millions of color combinations


  • Easy-to-use survey builder
  • Track results
  • Linked to CRM Activities
  • Easily re-order questions
  • No added fees

Contact Relations Manager (CRM)

Track of all critical contact interaction, automatically.

  • Email (In-box) Integration with IMAP
  • Click-to-call, call tracking
  • Issue quotes and invoices
  • Track payments with pipeline management
  • Much, Much more!

Complete Social Media Integration

Manage all of your social network marketing campaigns, all from a single interface. Your contacts can also share the emails you send to reach an even larger audience.

Calendar & Event Management

  • Automated email reminders
  • Event placeholders in email marketing templates
  • Attendance tracking
  • Event check-in with automated "thank you" emails
  • Accept payments for event registration
  • NEW! Easily manage events from the dashboard

Detailed Tracking

  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Email Tracking
  • Website Analytics
  • Social Network Dashboard
  • Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Gantt Charts
  • NEW! Attribution Reporting (tracking how your contacts find your websites)

Project Management

  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Assign Tasks
  • Track Deadlines
  • Post Notes and Comments
  • Track Hours

NEW! Ticketing System

  • Manage Your Customer Support
  • Assign Tickets to Staff Members
  • Multiple-Users
  • Email Notifications
  • Easily reference and post articles from your private Wiki

eCommerce Made Easy!

  • Manage multiple online stores
  • Works with Paypal &
  • Invoicing
  • Fundraising
  • Accounting
  • Marketplace
  • Reports & goal setting