Today's office technology dealer has serious decisions to make regarding the future of their company. With declining hardware and maintenance profits and manufacturers who now compete with them, making the right decisions around which solutions and services to sell is critical to the survival of their business. The problem remains that once they decide, they still need expert sales talent to take it to market.

In a two day fundamental "managed services" boot-camp we deliver the necessary foundation that transforms and prepares your sales expert to execute at the required level to achieve success. For all attendees we provide four weekly follow-up sessions to assure successful launch of all best practice techniques learned in their boot-camp.

Dealers are racing toward managed I.T. services and demand successful sales training that win more contracts.

Over the last seven years, Charles Lamb has engaged, coached or contracted over 100 dealers. He has been a successful MPS sales leader since 2005, holding such positions as RVP for Print Inc., (growing from zero to 50M in five years), MPS Sales Coach for the C-Six Program (Supplies Network), and Lead Dealer Developer for MITOS as the Vice President of Sales for Agiliant Inc. At Agiliant in 2011-2012, he personally led almost 400 of the 500 “end user” presentations on behalf of his dealers. Simply put, his dealers close contracts.

Often times we hear a business owner say, "We love selling managed services!" In the same conversation we hear that the contracts they are winning are low profit or no profit situations. Most attribute this to a very competitive marketplace and simply assume there are no great profit opportunities anymore.

MPS&IT attributes these low profit service contracts to a lack of training when it comes to deciphering which deals were worth the time of a sales team, or failing to identify the true performance requirements of a deal and simply underestimating cost burden.

Have you ever tried to arm wrestle with a broken elbow? It’s hard to win or control the forearm without the power of the elbow, isn't it? MPS&IT workshops deliver solid training and foundational development to your sales team. Additionally, you will receive feedback after the workshop to see how your sales team members rank against other workshop attendees.

MPS&IT workshops continue to be a solid solution for the technology business owner to develop their sales team. Since the industry changes constantly, it is important to maintain a highly educated and competitive sales team. No matter how long you've been involved in Managed Service Sales, our workshops will deliver a solid refresh of fundamentals that most Principals want delivered to their sales team.

Increasing your sales performance and results requires a plan, the right talent and a market strategy execution that works.

Give your company the best opportunity to win by enrolling your sales team members in an MPS&IT workshop today.