What Our Clients Say

Mark Van Den Hoek

President of HDO Family

18 Years as President

Steve Mounce


15 Years in the Print Business

I'll touch base next week. I’ve got another private school appointment. My Dallas trip (your boot-camp) is paying off!

Seth - Rhode Island

What a great time we had with you and the other folks in Dallas last week. Amy and I are still excited and have already begun planning interviews with prospective clients (some are already customers in a lot of ways). This seminar was exactly what we needed to jumpstart our MPS business.

Ray - Alabama

Thank you for the class! Adam talked about the boot camp all the way home.

Mark - South Dakota

Thanks for coming this week. I thought the boot camp and luncheon were a huge success. It sounded as though there was genuine interest from several customers!

Drew - Alabama

We just finished our first phone blitz today-- 395 calls and 34 appointments! We had 6 sales reps calling and have all data logged into ACT! Amazing!

Ed - New York

I want to thank you again for helping us make this business model possible. The newest contract should go live in about 15 days once equipment is delivered.

Ted - Oregon

This is awesome support! Thanks! We needed to nail this one.

Steven - Baltimore, MD

Through your professional services, we have strategically positioned ourselves to make a huge impact in the MPS marketplace. We would recommend your expertise and coaching to anyone wanting to learn the key word, "managed”.

Chris - Murrieta, CA

You are exceptional, seasoned professionals in the MPS marketplace. The training and coaching is helping us to develop our managed print business, and to position it as a key enabler for our company!

Ronda- Oklahoma City, OK

Great job! My guys don’t know what they don’t know! I appreciate you!

Steve - Columbia, SC