FunnelMaker: One of the Top 20 Most Promising CRM Solutions

Charles Lamb, CEO

When you look at the speed of business today, it’s not hard to realize that if you want to stay relevant you have to automate your sales and marketing execution. Tracking phone calls, emails and follow up manually is insufficient. Charles Lamb, CEO of MPS&IT Sales Consultancy, talks about the current environment: “By gathering real-time data pertaining to contact activities in one central location, organizations can automate their marketing campaigns, generate more qualified leads, and engage with prospects and customers—radically speeding up their business.”

Lamb believes there are two important considerations when trying to fine tune your sales and marketing efforts. First, make sure your marketing director isn’t bouncing back and forth in disparate systems, wasting precious time and preventing the development of an effective marketing strategy. Second, make sure that your CRM supports your sales team at the speed of business, delivering valuable real-time information.

With over 35 years of Sales leadership, Charles Lamb wanted to bring to market a solution that would raise sales performance levels and results. 

With over 35 years of Sales leadership, Charles Lamb wanted to bring to market a solution that would raise sales performance levels and results. FunnelMaker® is a powerful SaaS sales toolset that goes far beyond a typical CRM. With hundreds of integrated features FunnelMaker® exceeds almost every expectation.

As prospective clients interact with the business through various channels, all their actions are tracked and managed, enabling the sales team to be more responsive and aligned with prospect needs. Leads can be appropriately prioritized so the sales team can focus on the strongest opportunities. “Businesses can now uncover the true buying potential of each prospect through a unique methodology of scoring—demographic and brand attraction,” said Lamb. He goes onto explain, “Once business users know what processes work to generate sales and bring the client on-board, organizations can implement specialized workflows for each group of prospects and assign them to the members of the team for successful completion of sales.”

Integrated marketing and communication capabilities provide an efficient solution, minimizing the requirements to pay for additional systems. FunnelMaker® goes beyond the sales cycle in connecting with accounting systems, facilitating the invoice process after the customer contract is in place.

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Our intelligent CRM operates at the speed of business.

- Charles Lamb, CEO FunnelMaker

FunnelMaker Named 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers for 2017.

In today’s hyper-competitive digital marketing realm, businesses are investing substantial time, money and resources to build and maintain their customer base management processes. In the wake of overwhelming amounts of customer data being generated, your CRM solution must be a comprehensive, fully intergrated, real-time, centralized sales and marketing toolset.

CIO Review Names FunnelMaker in 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers for 2017.

Recently, a new client switched from a big name CRM to FunnelMaker®. Their previous CRM required extensive development to properly integrate additional marketing systems and open up application programming interfaces (APIs) for other back-office systems, which would have cost an extra $30,000 a year. FunnelMaker® saved them money by providing an all-in-one CRM, email marketing, social media, website building and tracking solution for their business. “FunnelMaker® doesn’t require an annual contract; one simple monthly subscription fee includes email, technical support and offers full integration with more than 100 high-demand systems,” asserts Lamb. Integrations include Go-to-meeting, Quick Books, Olark Web Chat, Magento and soon E-signature.

Ultimately, Lamb’s philosophy is simple: If FunnelMaker® delivers great affordable technology, with superior integration and capabilities, we don’t need an annual contract. With 24/7 email support, you’re able to get the help you need.

FunnelMaker® subscriptions also offer great customer support and continuous enhancements. Lamb’s sales expertise and many years of experience have instilled the value of constantly learning and evolving; “We learn with every new customer, and for the upcoming days, we are adding agreement and e- signature capabilities and webchat feature into our intelligent CRM, which will enable businesses to focus more time on their sales and customer experience.”

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